The ones that got away.

It was a difficult decision to decide on the final 5 photographs to select for my final Natural-Manmade project. The ones chosen showed Kew staff working in the gardens, however there is another side the Public do see. And actively participate in. Customer service. Here are the five depicting Service that got away, but I felt worthy of showcasing, as rarely does Customer Service get the recognition it deserves. I know from 40 years at the front one in varying guises.

Enjoy, and I welcome feedback on any of my blogs, past and present!

In viewing order:
Left top: What’s dish of the day?
Left bottom: Dad: “And the badger sett is which way?”
Kew helper: ‘Straight on’.
Son: “Its ok Dad.I’ve got this!
Right top: “So what is it you do?”
Bottom left: “Nothing to see here!!!
Bottom Right: “My other car is a locomotive!”


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