Kew at Work – Nature – Manmade Final Project. NCFE level 1 Award.

The end of course project for the NCFE level 1 award is to provide 5 photographs of our own interpretation of Nature – Manmade, featuring  aspects of the course and what we had learnt.

As I am frequent in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, I wanted to use this as the basis of my project, but how to interpret the brief.

Much of Kew is overly familiar and photographed many times. My challenge was to find a different angle, and chose an aspect rarely seen at Kew. These photographs were taken between 08.00 and 10.00 when Kew is closed to the general public, and only open to members. It is also when the majority of the work in the gardens is done. After 10.00 much of the work takes place in the nurseries, laboratories and education buildings.

The photographs are best viewed clockwise.
I hope this gives a flavour of the hard work that goes on in Kew!

First row: Left. Watering the Aliums? Or giving Hercules and Aeschylus a wash?
Right top: Even Kew gets weeds!
Bottom right: After 150 years, there is still snagging.
Second row: Right: One man went to Mow!!!
Left: Only I’m allowed on my turf!


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