Kew at work – Project, week 13.

Top: Left top: Watering the alliums. Left middle: Mowing the sward.Left bottom: Preparing Gnomus. Right: Gnomus sets out…
Second row: Left: Gnomus strides out. Right top; Re-greening the Temperate House. Right middle: Disability slope snagging. Right bottom: Surveying the slope!
Third row: Left: Unhinged. Right top: The legend who is Tony Kirkham, head of the arboretum. Right bottom: Keeping the green.
Fourth row: Left: Prepping the borders. Middle: Pushing the mower. Right: Hitting the incline.
Fifth row: Top left: Hitting the top. Bottom left: Hitting the turn. Right: Spraying and Saying.
Sixth row: Left: Where first? Middle left: Snack time. Middle right: Laura gets her passengers. Right: The explorer bus crew rest.


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